Birthday parties are meant to be celebrated with unique party themes, which allows the guests to fully indulge them into the party’s environment. Some party themes are therefore are self-explanatory giving the guest a gist about the party. After the gist comes the introduction which allows the participants to flow with the theme, which the objective behind organizing such a party. As mentioned above the purpose behind organizing the party with a theme, including this it is also to display the wild and unprecedented side of organizers. These themes bring out the hidden interests of the organizers of which the guest was unaware of, and this open the door to know the organizers better.

Knowing someone better gives you the opportunity to understand them better, instead of being judgmental about them. No, it is not about being self-centric, but it is about being open your interest, and sharing with the special ones without being afraid of the fear of being criticized for something you like. Themes are the open revelation of interests and that is birthday party themes are classy. A classy showcase of who you are, what dream you want to pursue or just giving an occasion to the guest to dress up to the party theme or just bringing outside the crazy side of everyone by organizing a fancy-dress party theme. Birthday party with a theme are the most amazing, friendliest and still the most decent way to portray the best of yourself and everyone.

Birthday party are the collection of memories, music, dance, interest and a lot more. Everyone needs to have a little fun with by the organization of a memorable birthday party. Every kids and adult loves having birthday parties at home or outside that are simple and fun. Everyone loves picking a fun theme and basing the entire party around it; and the guest at the party have so much fun when all put together. Such parties forbid your mist, instead you can go as crazy as you want! You can plan up some boy/girl birthday party themes/ideas to make the party planning go a little easier. Some of these parties are very intricate and incredible but do not feel like you must do exactly what they did, but instead use it as inspiration and make the party your own!

To be remembered

You have decided of throwing your loved one or your child a birthday party with a theme, you might be concerned about staying within your budget. Do not freak out: You don't have to rent out a restaurant or bowling alley or venture to an indoor amusement center with bounce houses and trampolines to host a celebration to remember, or to be remembered. Budget birthday party is on your mind, plus you are looking to organize the best birthday bash that doesn't compromise on fun, use these money-saving strategies and inexpensive birthday party ideas

Tips for organizing a birthday party

Follow these tips for throwing a budget-friendly kid's birthday party:


·        Plan: Hatching a plan also allows you to make srick to the prescribed budget for the birthday party. After all, aside from the gifts you'll buy for your child, you need to consider how many guests you'll invite, whether you'll be serving a meal, where the party will be located and how much it will cost.

·        Make a budget : If you don't want to spend a small fortune on children's birthday parties, it's key to first carefully consider how much you want to spend in total. Decide on a budget and stick to it.

·        Make your own decorations: This is a fun activity to do with your loved one’s birthday party.

·        Seek help from family and friends: involving friends and family because it is always believed ‘the more the merrier’

·        Host home or community hall party: it is the right opportunity to manage the celebration within the ascertained budget.

·        Find an inexpensive venue: if you decided against the home/community hall idea, choosing a cozy venue is the perfect choice. Firstly, it will not indulge you in overspending. Secondly, such venues are the coziest giving a greater opportunity to interact with the guest.

·        Set a time that isn't around meals: parties usually have meals; be it lunch or dinner.

·        Aim for a budget-friendly theme:  the most important point to taken care of is choosing budget-friendly theme. Chose a theme according to which you can manage, and buy costumes, decorative items and cake,

·        Make the activity the party favor: There is practice of sending the party guests with a goody bag or return gifts, which everyone loves. It is better making it attractive so that "the activity becomes the party favor. “If you choose an activity like candle making, cupcake decorating, etc., then this becomes the take home favor. No need to buy additional goody bags.

·        Combine birthday events for multiple kids: If your relatives/guests have twins, so this is a no brainer to throw separate parties. Parents usually throw a joint party for twins.

·        Opt for entertainment: Select some known and fun games and have your the kids and guests play musical chairs, pin the tail. dart pin on the donkey, freeze tag or the telephone game. Next option is organizing a game of hide-and-seek outside or create an obstacle course for the kids to run through. Though is easy for adults, but it is always fun.

·        Keep the number of guests low, but close: You have your budget for hosting an inexpensive birthday party at home/community hall or popular venue. Invite only close guest and friends. If the invited guest is a small group, you can afford to spend more per person and have an awesome experience, rather than having a ton of guests and trying to accommodate that group with your smaller budget

1.     Sports-Day party theme

Birthday parties are a very special occasion, and what can be better way of celebrating it, other than sports day. Sports is an activity which every kids and adults enjoys and takes interest in. They just need an opportunity to start playing and what can be a better way to enjoy the same at a birthday party.

The football party invitations might be our favorite part of this party! Party passes designed to look like football tickets but with all the party info printed right on them. football themed party invitation template that you can use and customize for your own party.There are lots of easy and fun ways to decorate for a football themed birthday party. Try using some black/blue foam board for a backdrop and added little green pennant flags. Then we added some fun touches.

v What is required

·        Scrapbook Paper (Hobby Lobby had that cool paper that looks like a football and even feels like one!)

·        Metal Letters (at the craft store)

·        Glue or tape

·        Football party food like sandwiches, hotdogs, energy drinks and popcorn.

2.     Barbie

The party invitations can design as barbie family card. The inception of your decorations with Barbie scene setter, hanging decorations and foil balloons. Make sure you have the best decorations to set up an amazing theme. You can get all party decorations at Express Party Supplies. The birthday girl and her friends can wear matching pink necklace, tiaras, headbands and more to experience being a Barbie. Set up the Barbie world in pink and a dash of purple. Doll up your little girl on her big day! Don’t waste your time moving from shop to shop in search for the Barbie birthday party decorations. Online shopping at Express Party supplies is convenient and you can have access to a large range of party supplies.

v Party food

·        Begin the party by serving pink, red and orange colored juices.

·        French fries as starters.

·        Burgers and pizza can be your main course.

·        Brownie and chocolate pastries are best solution to conclude the party.

3.     Superhero themes

Every kid loves superheroes, look up to them and want to be become one. Superhero hero birthday themes are the apt idea for organizing one. The invitation cards can made as superhero comics which will intriguing. The starters can be energy bars, which kids otherwise hate but coming from a superhero will be heartedly consumed. The house or party can decorate with mountain, buildings, clouds and sky scrapper wallpapers. The guest can be dressed in various superheroes costumes, whereas the birthday girl/boy can be dressed as the main character of the party theme.

v Party food

·        The starters can be Doritos, nachos and sandwiches.

·        Superheroes love milk and chocolates, so, chocolate milk will cab served as drinks.

·        Different superheroes have like different food. There can buffet of variety of food to be served as main course.

4.     Cartoons theme

Kids and cartoons are inseparable. Kids love watching cartoons, learn from it which makes them both academically and socially smart. Today’s kids are hitched to cartoons so much so that their daily meal is dependent on cartoons. Kids are dressed as cartoons characters they love. The birthday cake can be any famous cartoon character, which is enjoyed, and most watched by kids.

v Party food

·        The starters or smacks can be spinach balls as every kid loves Popeye.

·        Toys cars and bike for kids to keep them busy and occupied.

·        Famous cartoon stuff toys.

·        Example are pokemon and doraemon.

5.     Fruits and ice-cream theme

Everyone love ice-cream and kids are no exception. The birthday cake can be their favorite ice-cream with fruits, which they always avoid. The event hall can be decorated with corrugated fruits and ice-cream tubs. The starters can be fruits loves by kids with little ice-cream, bribing them to finish it. The starters will be followed by dinner, which will fruit salad and curd.

v Party food

·        Snacks loved by kids with fried fruits,

·        The sweet dish can be puddings, a combination of fruits, cashew-nuts and ice-cream.

·        The return gift in parties with this theme can a fruit basket and dummy ice-cream cakes.

6.     Clay theme

Kids loves playing with clay or porcelain. They love making shapes of houses, fruits and alphabets. A clay birthday party theme can keep completely occupied so much so that might all other activities. You are right, a clay is not edible, so the cake with will have boundary of clay but the cake will of your kids favorite flavors.

v Party food

·        The snacks will include some popular snacks served in clay pots.

·        The main course dishes will include some mouthwatering curries and breads, being served in clay plates because it is the theme.

·        The sweet-dish will include fruit ice-creams with cashew nuts in colored clay pots.

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