We all aware that wedding is a festival, and like any other festival a wedding requires a checklist. A checklist for choosing the appropriate banquet halls in Delhi for the wedding and for other wedding related functions. These functions are closely associated with the wedding and keeps the excitement building for the main event. For the wedding related functions one can chose/select from amongst the banquets near their house. This step enables them to save on time, which otherwise would have been wasted in decoration, travelling and taxi-services. It might, turn out to be a little more expensive than other options in mind, but when later compared with the time elapsed in travelling it starts making more sense, and turns out be much feasible.

Different parts of a wedding.

1. Home arrangements

After all, it is a home affair! Hence, you would need to make certain arrangements at home to be the perfect wedding hosts. All guests will storm into your home in a weeks time, and guest residing outside Delhi possibly two before the wedding. Their accommodation, wedding shopping and other arrangements of the wedding becomes a source of much concern.Further, decorations, lightings, extra bedding, extra rooms, conveyance/transport, music, cleaning staff, females singers (who play an invariably important part in certain ceremonies) and dancing arrangements which also involves the presence of a choreographer (close friends and cousins are in favor performing special performances, the special couple performance) and don’t forget about food, different cuisines, variety and lots of it. This is when your decision of choosing of a banquet hall near your house proves your decision to be right, and you already start feeling good about it. Believe it or not, it is these instinctual decisions that make all the difference to the wedding, and all different occasions surrounding it.

2. Banquet/venue

You absolutely cannot afford to delay or neglect the venue for wedding and the related vendor booking and the other necessary wedding arrangements and planning tips received from your relatives because the wedding is in a year’s time. In case, you continue delaying your booking on pretext of ‘there is enough time’ or you don’t book it now, the venue you are looking for might not be available, and your desired caterers might already be booked for the wedding date you are looking for. Here, shedding a few thousand, or extra effort would proof to be better than compromising on your needs. You have obviously previously decided the location for the wedding, the wedding venue, decided on the caterers and have made a mental map according to the various wedding planning tips received from the elders, well-wishers and dear ones.  The time has come to pick up your phone to talk to the various vendors; who are amongst the necessary elements of the wedding:


·        Banquet managers: These are the managers that will help you in booking the desired venue. Yes, it will require some convincing and persuasive techniques to make them to accede to your demands and quotation. This is foremost step towards choosing the right venue/banquet halls in Delhi.

·        Photographer and videographer: everyone want to capture and film their precious moments as memories. Choosing the appropriate photographer and videographer one relies on the reviews, ratings and comments. These will help in making the right choice.

·        Food caterer: any function or gathering is remembered for its food for years. This point makes it must for the organizers to concentrate on the food, snacks and specially the sweet dishes.

·        Décor supplier/Florist/Lighting vendor: the first thing everyone notices is the decorations, which includes the arrangement of flowers and the lighting which plays a major role in relation to the decorative.

·        Ceremony music/DJ/Band: music is the soul of the ceremony. Everyone, from youngsters to elders love music and are always appreciating it.  Music is appeasing and brings warmth to the soul. Ceremony music/DJ/Band add a favoring touch to the wedding ceremony.

3. Make a Guest List: 

Grab a pen and jot down all the names of all maternal and paternal uncles and their better halves and all youngsters, because it is their presence which charms to the wedding. Add all your friends and family friends and you don’t, just don’t forget your ‘lovely’ neighbors. As the date nears, you need to keep revising and re-revising it as per the RSVP responses. Also, maintain a separate notebook just for the wedding and keep it in one piece till the wedding ceremony. Ready the envelopes with gifts to be given to all the sister in law, brother in law and the elders of the family.

4. Shopping:

One of the most loved activity of a wedding occasion is shopping. Buying the wedding dress is one of most sacred and much desired activity on the wedding planning checklist. All the members of the family participate equally in this, with full fervor. The reason for their happiness is not just adorning new clothes, but its about adorning new look for their sibling, friends or uncles special occasion.

5. Contact an NGO:

You must wonder, how does this match with the checklist for a wedding?

You wish to end all the hush-posh of the wedding, going on since forever and celebrations on a lighter note. Wedding usually involves serving different food varieties to the various guest, which involves a lot of food getting wasted. Contacting an NGO will ensure that the fresh food doesn’t go down the drain and is not wasted. The NGO will ensure that the palatable food reaches the required people. This step is one of most satisfying in wedding planning and makes to the top of list of how to plan an Indian wedding step by step. This also gives the most selfless blessings to the families of the couple and the couple.

6. The wedding reception:

The last but not the least family function is the wedding reception. After the wedding event and photography comes wedding reception, which happens after the wedding. The grooms side books the best wedding venue near their house for organizing the wedding reception.


Ø Conclusion

From a vast variety of things needed for a wedding, the wedding items list for an Indian bride, photography and all the arrangement for wedding, it all comes to down to farewell of the bride. This moment is a very emotional moment for the entire family of the bride, and herself. It is not that she is leaving her house permanently, but the farewell means new residence of the bride. Farewell means that the bride’s permanent residence will be her husband’s house.

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